We are open until 2:30pm today. Soups (only bowls): 1. Tomato basil 2. chicken noodle

MELT Sandwich Shop

It's a hunger. A passion. It's great food. Healthy. Quick. Affordable. Local ingredients, eco-friendly products, fresh atmosphere. It's everything made right when you order it, exactly how you like it. Unique, exceptional, familiar. It can't be found anywhere else. It's Melt.

DYK? We deliver & you can order online!

Melt is now offering delivery! If you want lunch in White Plains (and surrounding towns for dinner!), don't get up, let Melt come to you!
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How to order a MELT Sandwich

Melt Sandwiches are made by choosing your roll, and then pairing any one of our daily smokes and roasts (or grilled sandwiches) with our famous combinations. The ingredients are fresh... the possibilities endless! Is your mouth watering yet? Do you want it now?
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