About Melt Sandwich Shop

I'm Kristin and my husband is Bill--together we are Melt Sandwich Shop. We love sandwiches. Like, love love sandwiches. Actually, we may even be addicted. And with this kind of addiction, we figured the best thing to do was to go with it. So, we did! In 2009 we opened up Melt so we could make and eat our own sandwiches... everyday.

Here at Melt, we love food. Real food. We cook it here, we grill it here, we mix it here, and of course, we eat it here (but you can take it home if you'd like). All of our meats are cured, brined, roasted, smoked or grilled in house, every vegetable is sliced the morning it's eaten, and every sauce is made from actual ingredients. Nothing is processed, nothing is packaged, nothing is frozen... heck, we don't even have a freezer!

Don't call Bill old, but he's been cooking for a while. He earned his culinary degree at The Florida Culinary Institute, then hopped on a boat to cook his way around the world. From Switzerland to Bora Bora, Bill cooked it all before touching down in Mystic, Connecticut. Here he became the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of a favorite Mystic restaurant, Bravo Bravo, and soon after opened a second restaurant down the street called Azu. It was in Mystic that Bill and I met and fell madly in love. We knew that with Bill's food and my creativity we could do something great... and we could do it together. Armed with a Master's Degree in neuroscience, and absolutely zero cooking skills, I teamed up with Bill, we headed down to White Plains, NY, and Melt was born. We're now married and for us Melt isn't just a job, it's our life, and it's a life that we love... everyday.

If you've never been here before, we can't wait to meet you. So get in and have a sandwich... we know you'll be back. And if you have been here before, why aren't you here now? Your next meal is waiting!